Galerie Chenel x Pierre Augustin Rose

03 June - 03 September

3 Quai Voltaire
75007 Paris

Galerie Chenel is a family business that is driven by a passion for sculpture. It specialises in archaeological objects, with particular emphasis on Roman arts.
Pierre Augustin Rose is an association of styles belonging to three singular personalities; Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose, each driven by the same ambition: to create an aesthetic universe of contemporary classics.
Equally passionate about the origins of creation, Pierre Augustin Rose has formed an aesthetic partnership with the Chenel family with a desire to enthusiastically create a unique collection of furniture. Composed of three seats in a deliberate antique-contemporary taste, the pieces combine precious wood and braided leather. This first exclusive collection finds its inspiration in Villa Kérylos but also in the the rigour of the Bauhaus and De Stijl. Guided by the philosophy of Art & Crafts movement it introduces modernity by stripping itself of the useless in order to keep only the essential.
Presented at Galerie Chenel, 3 Quai Voltaire in Paris and during all the major international antiques and art fairs. The collection will also be available at the Pierre Augustin Rose gallery 8 rue Hérold.