Galerie Chenel x Oscar Humphries

01 June - 15 June

75007 Paris

"My second ever online project seeks to share Galerie Chenel’s unique eye for beautiful antiquities, in the hope that it will inspire others as it has me. I think great dealers have a lot to give us in terms of taste and knowledge and I wanted to give a platform to bring what they do with a new audience. Galerie Chenel is a family business - which I love. But they’re also experts which, of course, is essential when buying antiquities.
Over the next two weeks this new collaboration showcases works of art that we have selected together. Hopefully these works and their stories will excite and intrigue. All of the photographs we are using were taken by Adrien Chenel – who shows us how we might live with ancient things in a modern way, much like the Chenel family does themselves."
Oscar Humphries -

"The idea that our pieces go into their collections is rather magical. When that happens each item is endowed with a new life and it’s history continues and is constantly enriched."
- Gladys Chenel