26 April - 03 May

9 avenue Matignon
75008 Paris

As part of its carte blanche, Christie's is once again opening its spaces to contemporary creation by welcoming the sculptor Nicolas Lefebvre. Entitled "Assemblage", the exhibition in conjunction with the Tristan Hoare Gallery in London, offers exclusively from 26 April to 3 May, 2024, its new creations resulting from a collaboration with Galerie Chenel, specializing in antiques. This exhibition echoes his latest eponymous book, "Assemblages", published by 0fr editions. in March 2024.

Imbued with art, cultures and his travels around the world, Nicolas Lefebvre brings life to ancient objects by exploring the concept of assemblage and the dialogue between eras and continents. Inspired by nature, a mystical and magical energy emanates from his creations, revealing a soul that is intimately linked to that of objects. His works are part of a creative dynamic that goes beyond cultural and temporal boundaries, creating bridges between cultures, between the sacred and the profane, between the intimate and the universal.

On the occasion of this exhibition at Christie's, Nicolas Lefebvre created a series of objects, fruit of an original conversation between the artist and the treasures of the Galerie Chenel: Roman busts, fragments of porphyry and even archaic bronzes that find new life in the hands of the sculptor. His works will interact in the exhibition spaces of Christie’s with pieces of African and Oceanian art as well as works of contemporary art offered for sale online, offering visitors an experience mixing artistic worlds rich and diverse, opening creation towards dialogue between cultures.