Portrait of a Young Man


Portrait of a Young Man

Roman, second half of the 1st century AD
H.: 23 cm. - W.: 19 cm. - D.: 16 cm. 
Restorations dating from the 18th century. 


Formerly in the collection of the Baron Maximilian von Heyl (1844-1925), Darmstadt (published in the catalogue for that collection in 1930).
Probably in the collection of Dr Arthur Rosin (1879-1974), Berlin and New York. Collection of Leopold Gutmann (1891-1970), Nördlingen, then transported to New York in 1937 with the rest of his collection.
Received as a present from Dr Arthur Rosin, his father-in-law.
Collection of Leonard Sussman (1920-2015), New York, and Craftsbury, Vermont, received as a present from Leopold Gutmann, his father-in-law.
Then passed down within the same family as an heirloom.


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