Block Statue of Senbef


Block Statue of Senbef

Egyptian, Late Period,
beginning of the 26th dynasty, ca. 664-660 BC
H.: 38 cm. - W.: 27 cm. - D.: 22 cm.


With the dealer Maguid Sameda (55 Ibrahim Pasha) in Cairo in the 1950s, described by the Egyptologist Jean Yoyotte in 1957 (per Bothmer’s archives, n°BVB 914).
In the collection of René Withofs (1919-1997), Brussels, from 1974 or before.
Sold to Antiquities, Sotheby’s, New York, on 10 December 1999, lot 229. 
Then in a private collection in New York.


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Published in our catalogue REFLECTION, 2019.