18 October - 16 December

3 quai Voltaire
75007 Paris

A vibrant exhibition, with two approaches.

First, geologically, through sculptures we collected made from basalt, granite and andesite rocks, dating from Egypt’s predynastic period to the Graeco Roman period. It is fabulous to think that these magmatic materials made their way to us from the very depths of the Earth. Following a volcanic explosion, bright red lava cools and solidifies, becoming brown or crystalline, and turns to rock. Well before our time, mesmerised by the riches under their feet, humans extracted blocks to give shape to their desires. Known for their strength and toughness, these rocks were magnificently carved and are now enigmatic treasures.

Secondly, for our exhibition, we also wanted to transport you to Pompeii to dream of Mount Vesuvius. The eruption of that destructive and fascinating volcano occurred in AD 79, burying Pompeii under a blanket of ash. History still attests to the beauty and refinement of those sites, which reveal a Pompeiian taste that has spanned centuries, still inspiring us today.
Alongside our works, pictures of the fiery landscapes of Lanzarote, with its black, brown and reddish volcanic soils, provide a contrast between wild nature and rocks wrought by human hands.

Catalogue available here