Capriccio x Victor Cadene

18 January - 03 February

3 quai Voltaire
75007 Paris

At the invitation of the Manufacture d'Aubusson Robert Four, and for the first time exhibited at the Galerie Chenel, Victor Cadene's delicate and intimate work on paper changes size and material to give life to a real art tapestry.

"I designed the drawing that was used to create this tapestry during a visit to Rome in the spring of 2023. It is in an Edenic garden, abundant with colourful birds and luxuriant vegetation, that the viewer is invited to lose himself and discover a classical architecture; an evocation of Bramante's Tempietto".

While the large leaves overflowing on all sides recall the art of greenery of the 16th and 17th centuries, this tapestry is inspired by the architectural caprices painted in the 18th century by Giovanni Paolo Panini and Hubert Robert, to name but the most famous.

The tapestry cartoon used to create the tapestry was taken from a series of drawings made during a stay in Rome, where Victor Cadene was able to fully confront Antique monuments, and to work on the notion of dreamt Antiquity.

The tapestry and all these leaves will enter into conversation with Roman and Greek sculptures, in a scenography imagined as an extension of this garden.